Color Lens Review Vassen Lollipop Gold

Contact Lens Review Vassen Lollipop Gold


Korean-Lens~*~ Vassen Lollipop Gold~*~ GOLD $19.90

So I got this cute package in the mail and I really like the little stickers on the package.

The contacts were very wrapped and protected in the package

It also came with this super cute pink pen!!!

It also came with a pair of earrings and a contact lens case

These contacts are very bright gold and really pretty.


 More detailed Review

Comfort 5/5
They are decently comfortable on most occasions! I can wear them all day without any problems!
Color 5/5
These lenses are a beautiful gold color and finding gold colored lenses are very hard for me but these are so far the best that I have seen!
Size 4/5
Personally, my natural iris is decently small, and these contacts DO cover them, although the outer ring my look a little too big on my iris.
Overall 5/5
These lenses are great I would recommend these for those complicated yellow eyed characters that people cosplay.