How to Choose the Best Contact Lens for your Party

How to Choose the Best Contact Lens for your Party


Contact lenses often substitute eye-glasses to correct vision problems. Know that the lenses are now available as fashion accessories. They can be used by people with perfect eyesight, but know that there is also a range of colorful corrective lenses. Fantasy lenses are eccentric lenses which can be worn in an unconventional setting, for parties, night-outs, to disguise or change your look for a special occasion.

We generally identify four kinds of fantasy lenses for very varied results:
– Light effect lenses: they are well worn by people with light eyes
– Natural effect colored lenses: they slightly change the color of your eyes.
– Intensive effect colored lenses: they allow you to change the color of your eyes.
– Fun effect fantasy lenses: they transform your eyes into pupils of cat, vampire …
They are therefore ideal for fancy dress parties or to play certain roles in film or theater.

The current trend would be purple colored lenses which give a glamour effect. Fantasy lenses have been popular in France in recent years and it is not uncommon to see them in night clubs for example. There are many models as the demand for it is growing. The catalog “Geo Crazy Lens” on the internet offers a wide range. As for the question of price, the range is extended making this product available to the greatest number of people, and in all cases it is cheaper and easier to order online. At an optician, it would be between $ 30 and $ 50. It’s about $ 20 in the catalogs on the Internet, even if the drawback is that you do not get individual advice from your optician.

You can ask the optician about the size of your eyes to choose the most appropriate lenses. You can find fantasy lenses in beauty stores, department stores, at opticians and online. It should be noted that the Korean soft lenses are more comfortable to wear as they are originally manufactured for Asian people with sensitive eyes. Also remember to buy the suitable cleaning products that accompany them: You can seek advice from a pharmacist or optician.

One must still be careful with the use of lenses including respect for the time advised by the instructions that come with your box of lenses. The lens, covering the iris, indeed prevents the eye from being oxygenated as it should. Excessive use of fantasy lenses can lead to vision problems: Never sleep with your fantasy lenses.

In summary, changing the natural color of your eyes has never been easier: fantasy lenses are also very easily accessible both technically as well as financially. The only precaution to take is not to abuse them to preserve the health of your eyes.

Circle lenses are currently the most popular since the music video of Lady Gaga and since many celebrities wear them regularly.