How to Insert and Remove Contact Lenses



– Inserting and removing Korean contact lenses is very easy.

– Practice makes perfect!

– Soak your new lenses in a fresh multipurpose contact lens solution for 8-12 hours before using them.

– Important: Make sure that your hands are cleaned and dried before inserting and removing you contact lenses.



Guide to inserting your contact lenses.

– Gently rub both sides of the lens and rinse with multipurpose contact lens solution to clean and remove all debris.

– Make sure the lens is positioned the right way around.

– Make sure your finger is dry and place the lens on the tip of your index finger

– If your finger is wet, the lens will stick to your finger and hard to place on your eyes.

– Place the middle finger of the same hand to pull your lower eyelid down and use the fingers of the other hand to lift your upper eyelid.

– Place the lens directly to the eye.

– Look down and blink gently.

– The lens will center automatically.

– Repeat steps with the other lens.



Guide to removing your contact lenses.

– Wash, rinse and dry your hands.

– Keep your head straight and look up.

– Use your middle finger to pull your lower eyelid down.

– While looking up, place the tip of your index finger on the lower edge of the lens and slide downward to the white part of your eyes.

– Carefully and gently pinch the lens by using thumb and index finger.

– Repeat steps with the other lens.

– Clean your contact lenses and store in a clean case.