Prescription for the Contacts Lens that I Want to Purchase

Prescription for the Contacts Lens that I Want to Purchase

Yes I’m having problems finding how to find out how to put in my prescription for the contacts lens that I want to purchase.

​​Dear customer,​

Thank you for your message.​​

​​We do not sell corrective prescription contact lenses (lenses with RX/power/degree), we sell only Plano lenses without correction (0.00).

But as we want to help you if you want to buy color lenses from our shop we can order these lenses for you but our​ suppliers do not allow us to order less than ​3 pairs of prescription contact lenses (each pair with the same prescription).

​- The minimum order for similar lenses is 3 pairs (3 pairs of the same brand, color and correction) but if you want different contact lenses and / or correction the minimum order is 5 pairs.

– The minimum order for different lenses is 5 pairs (different ​brand / ​color / correction) but you can buy only 3 pairs if you buy 3 pairs that are exactly the same​ products.​

​- When customers want to order ​only ​3 different pairs​ (​different brand, color or correction), the price for each pair is $39.90​:

​​If you want to order​:
Please reply to this message to send us the list of the products that you want to order and we will check availability for you. If you want to buy 5 pairs you can mix colors and corrections but each lens of a pair must have the same power (1 pair = 2 lenses with same power). When buying 3 pairs both left and right eyes of the 3 pairs must also have the same correction.
​You must send us links, we do not accept photos or just lenses names.

Price of corrective lenses is the same as the price of plano lenses, just look on each product page of our store to know how much will cost your order.

We are sorry but our “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”, “Buy 5 Get 2 Free” and “Buy 10 Get 5 Free” offers do not include corrective lenses. You can get 5 free pairs if you order 15 pairs of lenses with correction. If you mix corrective and non corrective lenses you also need to order 15 pairs to get 5 free pairs. Also, it is not possible to buy different lenses for left and right eyes, so if you need for example -4 for left eye and -2 for right eye you must order one pair of -4 and one pair of -2.

Then you have to wait:
After your send us your order, we will reply you when we will find your contact lenses with the requested correction. Please be patient as we have to contact all our suppliers to get your lenses, but when we send you a message it means that the products are ready to ship.
You will get a reply only when these products are available, so no need to contact us to ask again, thank you for your understanding.


​​​​​​​Best regards,
Your customer service