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I’m a french beauty fashion lifestyle YOUTUBER (almost 100k followers) and I’m on Instagram (22.5k followers), snapchat (5k~6k followers), twitter (~1600 followers) and facebook (~1800followers).
I’m searching for a longterme partnership with a korean circle lens shop because my followers always want more about them and I would like to show circle lens on my youtube channel and social networks.
My followers want to buy new circle lens when I recommend them, and when I wear them it’s easier to recommend the circle lens.
I know very well circle lens world and I wear them for 8 years now.

I’m the only one youtuber in FRANCE to talk about Circle Lens but lot of people wants to buy them so it would be a great opportunity for you and me if we can collaborate into a longterm partnership together.

Do you agree ?

Here is my links :

Hope to hear from you soon ! Have a nice day 🙂

Rose Today

Thank you for your message.
We propose you something that nobody else will propose you: unlimited contact lenses to review, as long as you do exactly what we ask you to do. But please, do not talk about our offer to anyone, and do not ask to change anything, you must do exactly what is asked in this message, or you won’t get a reply.
What to do if you want free contact lenses ? Even if you want to post a review on Instagram when you receive your free lenses, you must first do what is asked here. Anything else to propose ? Thank you, but sorry, we are not interested.
(Everything asked here is not an option, we only reply to people who send EXACTLY what is requested)
– LIKE or SHARE this page:
– Make a blog page and a Youtube video with 10 photos from our store to announce your future review. Title of your video and blog: KOREAN-LENS.COM REVIEW
– Send us these clear details:
– Send us the links to the blog and video that you have created on:
– Share your links on Facebook, Twitter or any forum.
If you can write in 2 or 3 different languages please make new blogs for each language and we will send you more contact lenses after you publish your reviews (you must post a review in all languages for every free pair that you receive).
Publish your review and send us the links. We will show the best reviews on this page and reviewers with most LIKEs will get more free contact lenses.
Examples of reviews:
WE REPEAT THAT YOU MUST SEND ALL THE REQUESTED LINKS. We are sorry but our system will send you an automatic response if you do not send what we ask. As already explained and repeated everything asked here is not an option, we only reply to people who send EXACTLY what is requested, no need to ask to change anything as the reply is negative)