South-America Color Lens Shop Free Delivery

South-America Color Lens Shop Free Delivery store offers free shipping to customers located in any country who make an order.

We have customers from all over the world where Korean contact lenses are in trend and it seems that now the trend is spreading in South-America.

Everyday we have more and more customers from countries located in South-America as customers from Mexico, customers from Guatemala, customers from Costa Rica, customers from Venezuela, customers from Colombia, customers from Brazil, customers from Bolivia or customers from Argentina.

It seems that Korean circle lenses are now must-have items in South-Amercia and we are also happy to supply some famous anime shops in these countries.

If you want to order color contact lenses it is very easy because shipping is always free on and you only pay the items that you add to your cart. You won’t have any bad experience with our store and you can pay your order with Paypal or a credit card.

If you want to start a new busienss to sell contact lenses in your country it is also easy because you do not have to buy any products in advance and you can use our Korean lens dropshipping service.

Thanks to our company you can order contact lenses pairs one by one and we will send these items to your customers directly in anonymous parcels without any company name or receipt. It means that your customers will receive their order as if you had shipped it yourself but delivery will be faster than if you had to first receive the products and then send these items to your customers.

If you fear that customs in your country try to tax your orders we must explain you that we know exactly how to send parcels to South-America and avoid customs duty.

We send parcels to your country everyday and we never had any problem with customs because we send all orders in anonymous boxes and we declare these parcels as being gifts that we send to our friend. There is no company name and no invoice on the parcels, we send all orders by Registered airmail (with tracking number), so you or your customers will get all the contact lenses that you want without trouble.

We do not want to send orders by Express mail to most of the countries located in South-America because Express parcels are the main targets of customs and most of the time parcels sent by EMS, Fedex, UPS, TNT or DHL are taxed and customers must pay high customs fees to get them.

If you want to order Korean contact lenses from any South-American contry you can trust our company because we know how to send orders to your country and we can send as many items as you want. If any order does not pass customs or is lost we will of course send it again for free, so you can be sure to never loose any money and any products.

You can now order Korean lenses just as our customers from USA and Europe and we will also add a gift to every parcel to make sure that you will be happy to order again soon.