Vampire Contact Lens and Vampire Makeup Make Halloween Fun

Vampire Contact Lens and Vampire Makeup Make Halloween Fun


Stalking the streets as a vampire on Halloween night is frightfully fun. Make your spooky demon costume and appearance even more scary, by using specially designed vampire makeup and contact lenses.

The effect of eerily colored contacts will shock your friends and strangers into turning as pale as a vampire and make the night even more exciting!

You’ll first need to choose what sort of vampire look you want overall, before selecting contacts. There are many different versions of lenses, to match any look you want. If you’re trying to look like the well-known spooks of Twilight or New Moon, you’re sure to find a costume to match this style.

Come Halloween evening, dress up in costume first, then put on your contacts, and end with applying your terrifying makeup. By putting contacts on first, you avoid the chance of transferring traces of powder or oil in the makeup to your lenses, this helps to make sure you have no eye irritation. For you glasses wearers, be sure to get corrective contacts for your “night of haunting.” If it’s your first time using lenses, it’s best to read some general information about lens care and cautions before starting.

Basic rules usually include the following steps: Wash your hands well with some gentle soap before handling contact lenses. Rinse and store the contacts in lens solution. Carefully slide the lens out of the case into your clean palm before placing it. Since you will already be in costume, follow your contacts placement with the spooky makeup, and then head off to the Halloween party. You can shift things a bit once there, but you’ll be ready upon arrival, for full effect.

Select your look from a variety of versions, including retro, gothic or other, different appearances with a seriously “underworld” feel to them. Vampire lenses coming in red-tinged hues, used with cracked, ugly fake teeth are ideal. Or, try sclera lenses; with their unique eye-covering quality, they make your eyes look strangely bottomless.

Some people add eye makeup in elaborate tattoo shapes, extending the look of the eyes across the whole face. Apply liquid or gel makeup, since you won’t want to experience eye irritation by getting loose powder makeup on your contacts. The best way to ensure your look will “cook” is to make yourself up, totally, the day before the party. Order your contacts well before the important day, to be sure you have time to prepare.

You’ll be amazed that cosmetic contact lenses can be ordered in such a fantastic variety, and this will help you plan and look your scariest best. Choose from many colours, opt for stunning effects like fantasy, glimmering or 3 tone, and you’ve just begun. The range spans from wildly colourful golds, pinks, yellows and purples to more normal skin tones, so you can vary it, or even create two half-faces and costumes, as some people do, for extra thrills and chills. Make your right side a gothic, Theatrical style with the exact lenses this requires. Next, select Anime, standard, different movie character cosmetic lenses for the other side. Wow!

Be a beautiful beast for Halloween, by using Wild Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses. With these amazing lenses, you can act out your wildest animal fantasies, appearing as a Komodo dragon, anaconda, leaping leopard or lion, the choice is endless. Use Wild Eyes to take a simple costume “up a notch” to amazing, or as the creepy yet perfect topping for a fantastic outfit. Wolf, werewolf, viper and zebra are favourites, but there are many others to choose from.

Hurry, Halloween is coming, in the dark, very quickly, so, order early to get prepared to stun and surprise your friends and everyone else in the area. Use the crazy lenses terror eyes selections for odd eye sizes and appearances, including oval, cross, star and even square or rectangle lens shapes. Or, try terror eyes cosmetic contact lenses to leave the crowd shaking as you pass by. Their eyes will be wide in shock at your horrifying Halloween look.