What are the best color lenses ?

What are the best color lenses ?



Contact lenses are often substitutes for glasses to correct vision problems. Note that the lenses are

available now in fashion accessories. They are used by people who have 10/10 eyes. But now, know,

there is also a range of colorful corrective lenses. Fancy lenses are eccentric lenses that can be worn

in an unconventional setting for parties, to disguise or to change your image for a special occasion.

We usually talk about four types of fancy lenses for very different results:

– Light effect lenses: they are well worn by people with clear eyes.

– Natural color effect lenses: it slightly changes the color of your eyes.

– Color intensive effect lenses: they allow you to change the color of your eyes.

– Fancy fun effect lenses: they transform your eyes pupils cat, vampire … They are ideal for fancy

dress parties or to play certain roles in movies or the theater.

The current trend is purple lenses that give a glamorous style. Fancy lenses success for some years in

France and it is not uncommon to see them in night clubs for example. There are many models in this

area and demand is growing. The catalog “Geo Crazy Lens” on Internet offers a wide choice. For the

price, the range is extended giving this product available to the greatest number. Best thing to do is

to order Online that is cheaper and easier. Optician, it takes between $ 30 and $ 50. That’s about $

20 less on online catalogs, although the disadvantage is that you don’t get personalized advices from

your optician.

You can ask advice to the optician to obtain your eyes’ size to choose the most appropriate lenses.

You can find fancy lenses in beauty shops, department stores, opticians and on Internet. Note that

the Korean soft lenses are more comfortable to wear as originally produced for Asian people who

have sensitive eyes. One advice is also to buy cleaning products suitable: you can ask advice from a

pharmacist or optician.

It must still be careful with the use of lenses and also respect for deadlines and advices of use noted

in your lenses’ box. Contact lens, covering the iris, prevents the eye from being oxygenated as it

should. Excessive use of fancy lenses can cause eye disorders: never sleep with your fancy lenses.

To sum up: change the natural colour of his eyes has never been easier: the fancy lenses are very

easily accessible on the technical or financially point. The only precaution to take is do not abuse to

protect the health of your eyes.

The circle lenses are currently the most popular since the video clip of Lady Gaga and since many celebrities wear them regularly.