What Color Contact Lens is your Favorite?

What Color Contact Lens is your Favorite?


Like glasses, contact lenses are used to correct vision problems. Colored lenses however, have become somewhat of an fashion accessory. Al though they do not correct ones eye vision, these lenses allow you to choose any eye color you desire, to mix and match as you please. Colored lenses are mainly used by people with 10/10 eyesight but
there is also a range of corrective colored eye lenses available for those with eye vision problems. It is an eccentric fashion item that can be worn for special occasions, parties, or even simply for a change.

There are four types of colored lenses available and each has its own effect:

-Lens with light effect: best suited for people with light eye colors.
-Lens with natural color effect: changes the color of your eyes.
-Fun Fantasy themed lenses: transform your eyes into cat, or vampire eyes. These are ideal for fancy dress parties, plays, movies, and much more.

The color that is currently on trend is purple, giving a glamours feel. It is not uncommon to see someone wearing colored lenses. In France, colored lenses have become more and more popular and you will often spot people wearing them, especially in night clubs. Many lens models are already in existence, and many will continue to be developed giving that the demand continues to grow in this area. For more information visit “Geo Crazy Lens”, here you will find a wide range of colored lens available for purchase. The price of a lens will vary depending on the type of lens, making it affordable, and available to all. Ordering online will even save you money. At the opticians, it will cost you between $30 and $50 for a pair of lenses while colored lenses will cost you $20 online. The only difference when you order online is that you will not receive advice from your optician.

If this causes a problem, contact your optician and have him choose the appropriate lenses for you. You can also find colored lenses in beauty shops, department stories, and at certain opticians. If you have sensitive eyes, the Korean soft lenses are perfect for you. They were originally manufactured for Asian people who are known to have sensitive eyes, allowing for comfortable wear. When purchasing colored lenses be sure to also purchase the appropriate cleaning materials. You can refer to your optician or pharmacists for advice.

Before putting in your lenses, read the directions labeled on the box. Do not wear the lenses longer than is recommended, doing so well restrict oxygen to your eyes and may cause vision problems. Excessive use can also cause vision problems. Always remove your lenses before going to sleep.

To conclude, changing your natural eye color has never been easier. Colored lenses (when worn responsibly) are easy to use, fun and affordable for all.

One of our more popular lenses is the circle lens, which was featured in one of Lady Gaga’s video clips. Since, many celebrities have been wearing them regularly.