What Color Lens to Choose for Halloween

What Color Lens to Choose for Halloween

As a common part of your daily life, every morning you change your socks. So why could you not change our eye color and match our eyes to your outfit ?

Everyone obviously would dream of having a pair of ocean blue eyes or green emerald eyes at

least once in his life. So what if changing your eye color was as simple as

changing your socks?

In France, the most popular brand used is call Freshlook and it is available in most optician

stores and supermarkets; however, this brand is not as comfortable as the Korean brand Geo and the choice of lenses from the Korean range “circle lens” is also much wider.

The only reason Freshlook has had a great success in France is unfortunately because this brand is sold by unscrupulous opticians that sell only what is good for their wallet and not particularly good for their customers.

The range of Freshlook Colorblends is quite vast: various shades of blue, green, brown and gray are available but the range of Korean lenses is even more extensive and the choice of color is really huge.

Lenses can either have a daily validity (they are thrown away after a day’s wear) or can be worn one full month (The lenses must be off every night and reused every morning after having stored them in their case with their solution).

Regarding myopic or hyperopic people, colored lenses are also available to suit your eyesight, however, the cost for these types of lenses will obviously be more expensive.

It goes without saying that your natural color affects the final color of the lens that can be seen. Thus, a person with blue eyes will not have the same result as a person with brown eyes wearing the same lens tint, but various brands now tend to market a specific range for dark eyes in order to obtain an optimum effect.

There a multiple advantages presented by wearing colored lenses and here are some examples.

First of all, cosmetic reasons. It’s nice to be able to change eye color and get a bit of novelty or a to make a dream come true.

Moreover, for eyeglass wearers, changing to contact lenses can dramatically changes your life! This is really an improvement of your daily life: no more fog, rain, dust or finger prints on your

glasses; no more intense search for the pair of misplaced glasses, and above all the vision is


As for the cons, they remain the same: fear of touching the eye. Many people deprive themselves of wearing color lenses for this main reason. Yet, by properly washing their hands and with simple and calm gestures, putting a lens on is a breeze. The apprehension is the most common among novices and this is normal since this experience falls within the unknown. But don’t worry, your optician will advise you and answer all your questions.

The disadvantages are not many; to avoid them, simply comply with the essential health

standards for lens wearing safety.

Regarding wearing makeup, it is advised to wear the lenses beforehand and of course to avoid to put any make up in the eyes.

For the most sensitive, brands like Clinique have created special makeup ranges for contact lens wearers.

For the more extroverted our store offers a huge selection of more fun and extravagant lenses: pink lenses, vampire lenses, flowers shape lenses … Anything to make big impression at a party!

In conclusion, wearing colored lenses is a fun way to take care of yourself, or have a bit of fun on an evening but it is best to choose lenses from the more reputable Korean brands such as Geo or Vassen Korea for your safety.