What is Lens Base Curve, What to Know Before Buying Contact Lenses




As it is not always clear on other shops and contact lens information website we want to make it clear here: knowing the contact lenses base curve that you need for your eyes is the most important information to know before buying contact lenses.


Everytime you visit online shops to order contact lenses or circle lenses you can see in the description on the products an information called “Base curse”, and you might not know but this information is the most important that you need to know to order your contacts online.

To know what lens base curve you need for your eyes you need to visit an eyes doctor (ophthalmologist) because only a professional can check your eyes and tell you what kind of contact lenses you need.

It is not always explained as clearly as we want to do it now but wearing lenses with the wrong base curve for your eyes is the main reason why you can feel uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses.

Wearing circle lenses with the wrong base curve for your eyes is the most common reason for discomfort among lens wearers because if the diameter of the lens and the base curve are incorrect in size, whether it’s too large or too small, it can be very uncomfortable, just as if you were wearing wrong size of clothes.

But the difference with clothes is that they cannot damage your body or have any worst consequence than discomfort, when contact lenses worn the wrong way could really damage your eyes.

When your lens fits properly, the lens should cover the entire cornea and it should be moving slightly with each blink. This is the right way to wear contact lenses without taking any risk.

If your lens is moving a lot you will experience dryness, irritation, itchiness, and more discomfort, so take them off immediately and visit your eyes specialist.

If it’s moving too little, it can become irritated and red with blurry vision because the lens will remain too close to your eye ball as if you were wearing so tight clothes that would block your blood circulation.

If you want more evidence that wearing the wrong contact lenses is a very bad idea remember that most people should be able to wear contact lenses for up to 12 hours comfortably, but when contact lenses wearers put in their eyes lenses with the wrong base curve they sometimes cannot stand having them in their eyes more than few hours.

So we hope that it’s now clear for you: buy circle lenses with the correct base curve for your eyes because this is the most important information to know when wearing contact lenses on a daily basis.

But also, never forget to only buy circle lenses that come with an “Authenticity check” sticker as Geo lenses: This is the only way to be sure to buy authentic contacts that won’t injure your eyes.

If you have any other question about contact lenses and health please contact our specialists on our circle lens FAQ.