What Is The Best Coloured Contact Lens For You ?

What Is The Best Coloured Contact Lens For You ?


Contact lenses practically replaces eyeglasses for the correction of vision-related problems but they are now also commonly regarded as a fashionable gadget. A wide range of corrective coloured lenses exists, including the ones of the eccentric fantasy contacts lenses collection that one can wear in an unconventional style such as for party, dating nights, disguising or a new look on special occasion.

4 different styles of colour lenses for distinct results:

– Soft effect lenses are incredibly popular for those with light eyes

– Natural effect lenses help to modify the colour of your eyes, making a more natural tone

– Deep effect lenses to help radically changing the colour of your eyes.

– Fun fantasy effect are suitable for those enjoying cool nights, theatre or cinema roles, the fantasy contact lenses will transform you from a common person into a cat, a vampire-like creature or any monster of your choice

The hot trend now though goes for green contact lenses for their glamorous sense. The fantasy contacts have been in vogue in Russia for the past few years hence it is not uncommon to see people wear them in nightclubs for example. With a growing demand comes along a line of various model designs.

Geo Crazy Lens catalogue for example offers a variety of choices. Our price is without doubt more accessible and it is easier to order online on the website despite its lack of individualized advices (which are hardly needed).

You may have your eyes check by an optometrist to determine a choice of contact lens exactly suitable for you. Furthermore, you can also find fantasy contacts everywhere, in beauty shops, department stores, optical shops, clinics or even on the Internet. It has to be noted that the flexible soft Korean lens are better suited for most people because they are first made for Asian who tend to have more sensitive eyes. Be reminded to buy maintenance products as well, for which you can ask advices either from a pharmacist or an Internet store.

Please be advised that serious caution should be paid to usage instruction notably the expiry date of the lenses. Wearing colour lenses, certainly also covering iris of the eyes, prevents eyes from being oxygenated as it should be hence misuse can bring vision disturbances. Never wear colour or fantasy contact lens at bedtime and for more than 10 hours.

All in all, choosing eye colour styles is not as easy as one imagines, yet fantasy is both technically and financially accessible. Never abuse the contact lenses to protect your healthy eyes in the long run.

Circle lenses are particularly popular especially since celebrities are wearing them and you can now jump in the bandwagon very easily.