Which Contact Lens Brand Should you Choose ?

Every morning you change socks —  why not do the same for your eyes?
Everyone wants to have ocean blue or emerald green eyes at least once in their life. What if it was possible to change eye colors as easily as changing socks?
In France, the most common contact lens brand is Freshlook. However, this brand is not as comfortable as the Korean Geo brand of contact lenses, which also sport the trendy and iconic new “circle lens”. The only reason Freshlook is a success in France is because this brand is sold by unscrupulous opticians who think more about their wallets than their customers.
In terms of color, the range of Freshlook Colorblends is vast: various shades of blue, green, brown and gray are available. But the range of Korean lenses is even more extensive and gives customers an almost infinite palette choice!
Lenses are either disposed of daily (thrown away after a day’s use) or monthly (taken off every night and stored in disinfectant to be reused the next morning). Colored lenses also come with prescription grades for people who are myopic or hyperopic. However, their cost is also consistently higher.
Likewise, it goes without saying that one’s natural eye color affects the color of the lens. Thus, a person with blue eyes will not have the same lens color as a person with brown eyes wearing the same lens tint. This is why various brands tend to market to a specific range of eye shades in order to obtain the optimal effect.
There are many advantages to wearing colored lenses: First of all, the aesthetics of changing eye colors allow you a charming bit of novelty and fun in your life. Moreover for eyeglass wearers, changing to contact lenses dramatically changes one’s quality of life! They can say goodbye to smudged glasses from fog, rain or dust; lost time from having to search the entire house for a lost pair of eyewear; and above all their vision becomes much better, because contact lenses improve visual acuity while providing maximum comfort.
As for the cons, they are always the same: a healthy fear of touching the eye. Many people deprive themselves of contact lenses mainly for this reason. However, putting on a lens becomes a breeze when one simply exercises correct hygiene such as properly washing one’s hands! Initial apprehension is the biggest obstacle for contact lens neophytes, which is normal when one tries new things. An optician is the best person to give advice and answer questions for newbies. When viewed all in all, the disadvantages are not too many. To avoid them, simply comply with the essential health standards to wear contact lenses safely.
Regarding makeup, it is advisable to put on lenses beforehand, and of course to avoid putting them in one’s eyes. There is also a range of makeup brands for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes, as well as special eye clinics.
For extroverts, our store offers a huge selection of fun lenses with cool designs: roses, vampires, flowers … A great way to make a big impression at a party!
In conclusion, wearing colored lenses is a fun way to take care of yourself, and a great way to dazzle friends during a night out on the town… but it’s always better to choose the best brands of Korean lenses such as Geo or Vassen!