Guide: Dropshipping Korean Contact Lens Free Shipping



If you are looking for the best contact lens dropshipping offer on Internet we propose a dropshipping service and we can ship circle lenses directly to your customers all over the world anonymously.



Order contact lenses one by one for your customers and each time your reach a total of 10 pairs bought on our shop at normal price we will ship the next 5 pairs for free.

After you have bought 10 pairs you don’t need to order and pay the next 5 pairs, just send us an Email to tell us where we must send these products).

The main advantage for you is that you get the same best price for your circle lenses as if you were buying 15 pairs at the same time and you do not have to send orders to your customers after you receive them from our shop: we ship contact lenses directly to any address you provide us. We send orders in anonymous box with a PO BOX as sender and without website name: it means that your customers will think that you have sent them this order.

This offer is the best dropshipping offer that you can find online if you do not want to buy contact lenses at wholesale price in advance and keep a large stock. If we ship on your behalf your customers orders you do not have to pay for shipping and you make double profit when selling circle lenses at higher price than what you bought on our shop.

If you decide to do business with us, just order our products as usual and write your customers address in the form (shipping address), then we will ship orders anonymously to your customers. Also do not forget to type “DROPSHIPPING” in the comment box to remind us to keep order anonymous.


Our best dropshipping customers will get an even better deal later but we won’t make any better offer for contact lenses until we are sure that you can sell more than 100 pairs of lenses each month.