Guide: How To Use


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1-Check your lenses before opening the vials. User Guide 001


2-Wash your hands with soap, rinse and dry them before handling your lenses. User Guide 002


3-Check inside out lens: put the lens on the tip of your finger and take a close look, then gently squeeze it between your thumb and forefinger to check that the shape is correct. User Guide 003


4-Soak your lenses in clean contact lens solution at least 4 hours before the first use. User Guide 004


5-Place the lens on the tip of your index finger, make sure that the lens is correctly oriented. User Guide 005


6-With the same hand, use your middle finger to pull down your lower eyelid. Use your other hand to lift up and hold your upper eyelid so you won’t blink. Look up and gently put the lens on the lower part of your eye. Close your eye, then blink several times to set the lens at the center. User Guide 006



1-Before removing your contact lenses, wash your hands with soap, rinse and dry them with a clean towel. User Guide 007


2-Look up and pull down your lower eyelid, then slide the lens down to the lower white part of your eyes and pinch the lens off. User Guide 008


3-Clean your lenses with lens multi-solution before you put them in their case. User Guide 009


4 -Pour new clean solution in lens cases and soak your lenses overnight. User Guide 010




Use Meruru tweezers to insert and remove your contact lenses without touching your eyes. If you wear makeup, put your contact lenses on first, then continue with your makeup. Clean your contact lens case after each use. Change your lens case every 3 months. Never clean your lenses or case with water. Never reuse old lens cleaning solution. Avoid sleeping with your contact lenses on. Avoid showering, swimming, sauna or steam room while wearing lenses.