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474 thoughts on “Feedback – Review

  • Magge

    Delivery was delayed because of the virus and less planes available, but I finally got my order from a virus free country and I am very happy with the products.

  • Anna Kozyreva

    The technical support of the site ignored me, the order was not tracked for a long time, I had to constantly write on Facebook in order to think at least some information. I checked the tracking every day, it didn’t move, and as soon as I posted on Facebook again, God, miraculously suddenly some magic began to be traced. The attitude is disgusting, I constantly apologized and felt guilty FOR MY ORDER.
    Technical support is ignoring, I was banned from posting on Facebook, what should I do? In the end, when I did a review of the lenses, they did not tell me that it was not me who chose the lenses as a gift, and they again ignored me, then I came across rudeness from the Facebook group, in the end I was to blame for everything, and I’m bad. Cool, Thank you, I’m very glad that they treated me like a piece of shit.

    • Customer Service Post author

      Dear customer,
      We are sorry, but even before you made an order, you had more questions that anybody ever asked in 10 years selling our products. And questions as basic as how to make an order on an online shop ! We replied to all your messages from the start.
      Then you tried many times to make an order and you were finally able to make one (how complicated?) after getting helped by our customer service, but of course your order was made with an incorrect Email address, because you were not able to type the correct Email in the form.

      Then as you were happy to receive your order and our products, you made a review without asking us if we wanted one, and if we could offer you a gift, as you should have done.
      Anyway, happy with your review, we decided to offer you a free contact lens pair, but how crazy we were to tell you that we always choose the free pair for people who make review ! How unacceptable it is for you that people give you a gift that you didn’t even deserve because it was not promised to you !
      We are so sorry to know that a gift is not enough for you, but that you want a special gift of your choice !

      You are a liar to tell that we ignored you, as we have spent more time replying to your very useful and smart message than with anybody else !
      And in case you still cannot understand, even if it has clearly been explained to you, we do not reply directly on Facebook and it is a subcontractor who has to send customers to our customer service. But no, again, you decided that we must reply to you on Facebook and then complained again and again.
      You lied again when saying that you were banned from posting on Facebook, the subcontractor just explained you so many times that you must contact the customer service and stop sending your messages to them.

      The only thing that is true is that you apologized, because you clearly knew that you were making problems from the start, thank you for your kind understanding of your own personality !
      So we are very sorry, but at the end, we have enough with you, if you do not want your free contact lenses just tell us, and we will send them to someone else who is able to appreciate a $19.90 gift.

      Thank you again for your order and sorry for the inconvenience but we are happy that you finally know yourself well, even if we never treated you of anything !


  • Rosa


    I received lenses from your store a while ago and have been very happy with them.

    The price is good and so are the lenses ofcourse and you have a wide variety of lenses to choose from which is nice.

    Thank you for the service!

    Kind regards,